Chorizo Chives Omelette

Spanish chorizo (cured sausage) and chives omelette for a perfect Friday brunch


Gigi's Bilu-bilo

Our friends made this and it feels home to have this Pinoy dessert of rice cake mini-balls (bilu-bilo), sweet potato (kamote), banana and corn in sweetened coconut milk (gata). Thanks Gigi (and family) for the take home goodies!



A classic and traditional Filipino dessert made from rice flour, locally known as galapong. Coated with finely shredded coconut, sugar and toasted sesame seeds.


Beef Tapa

Pan-fried beef fillet strips marinated in loads of garlic,  black pepper, and sea salt


Tuna sa Gata (Coco Bonito)

A Filipino seafood recipe of tuna belly cuts slowly cooked in creamy coconut milk, ginger and spices.


Squash Blossoms

We are so happy one weekend that some good Filipino friends gave us a bunch of 'bulaklak ng kalabasa' (squash blossoms) which they harvested from their summer garden in Toledo.


Leche Flan

After chilling overnight, turn it upside-down and there you have creamy and sweet leche flan – a classic Filipino favorite dessert for all occasion. Pinoy style caramel custard.

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